Stock Pictures

Hi we are starting a section of Stock Pictures on our website. Models who are interested to sell their pictures can email their high resolution images to

What are Stock Pictures or Stock Images ?
At times the advertising agencies or clients decide not to go in for a full photoshoot but just to buy the already clicked pictures from the stock agencies. There are various stock agencies who pay the model one time fees and click their various pictures in different concepts. These pictures are then sold to various clients.

What we plan to do is to sell your (model’s) portfolio pictures. Since you are the copyright owner of your portfolio pictures, we will publish these pictures under our Stock Pics section. You will get paid for every image sold.

How will you know that your picture is sold ?
Whenever a picture is bought, the client needs a NOC / Model release form from the model to use that picture. Without this the client cannot use your picture. So, whenever a sale is made a NOC will be obtained from you and you will be given the client details.

So how to get started ?
You just need to mail your high resolution pictures that you want to sell at along with the permission to sell these images. Just copy paste the text below and fill the details.
“I hereby declare that I am the legal copyright owner of the attached pictures. I hereby give exclusive permission to KBROS TeleSoft Pvt LTD who run to display and sell my pictures. I hereby agree to sign the NOC/model release form as required for every sale.
Full Name :
Date of Birth:
Complete Address: