Modelling agencies in Delhi

Modeling agencies in Delhi
Best Modelling Agency in Delhi

Are you looking for Modelling Agencies in Delhi ?

There are 100s of modelling agencies in Delhi. It’s rather a daunting task to know which one of them is real and genuine. Even if it is real, is it really good for a fresh model ?

Let me help you understand how to select the best modelling agency to get your modeling career started.

While selecting a modelling agency, you should look for the following things:

  • the quality of website of modelling agency
  • the history of modelling agency
  • about it’s owner
  • google reviews
  • what experience they have in handling freshers
  • do they provide grooming for fresh models
  • do they provide professional indoor portfolio with makeup, hair do and garments
  • how do they provide promotion
  • do they publish your portfolio on their website
  • do they promote you through social media
  • do they email your profile to various companies
  • do they provide you information of modelling assignments and auditions

Please note: if any modelling agency in Delhi says that they will provide confirmed work then be careful. It could be a scam. The job of a modelling agency is to make you a model, guide you and promote you. It cannot give you a guarantee of work. Final selection depends on the client.

So which is the best modelling agency in Delhi ?

NewIndianModels is one such modelling agency in Delhi that provides you full guidance, grooming, professional indoor portfolio and promotion. Having it’s headquarter in Delhi, this modelling agency in Delhi provides one of the best online platform for models to get modelling assignments.

NewIndianModels has been promoting models for over 20 years now !

Modelling agencies in Delhi

This modelling agency is quite different than conventional old school modelling agencies in Delhi. The head office of this modelling agency is in Delhi and it caters to the needs of fashion industry all across India and on International level too.

Services provided by this modelling agency in Delhi

NewIndianModels provides model grooming, professional indoor model portfolio and promotion.
For model portfolios NewIndianModels modelling agency has tie-ups with leading fashion photographers in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

If you wish to start modelling in Delhi, NewIndianModels modelling agency is the best place to start. NewIndianModels has ample experience to give you proper guidance and the best portfolio to get your modelling career started.

Modelling Agency in Delhi for Male Models and Female Models

If you are a male model or a female model in Delhi, looking for modelling work, NewIndianModels can provide you proper visibility, promotion and modelling assignment offers. We have a section of modelling assignments that can be accessed once you have active profile on our website. You can view the modelling assignments and directly contact the company who has posted their requirement.

This eliminates the middle men and you can directly negotiate the price with the client. We do not charge any commission.

What is the fees of modelling agency

The fees of modelling agency in Delhi depends on the kind of service you are planning to take.
Usually there are 3 types of charges.
1. Grooming charges (usually required by females)
2. Portfolio charges
3. Promotion charges

How to contact modelling agency?

Contact NewIndianModels through our contact form.
The head office of NewIndianModels modelling agency is in Delhi.